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  The essence of innovative education can be expressed by the phrase: "Do not catch up with the past, but create the future." At its best, it focuses on mastering basic competencies that allow you to acquire knowledge on your own as needed.

  Simply put, the student must be taught first to "acquire knowledge on their own" and not to give it ready. Which is easier - to teach a person to fish, or give it ready? The answer is obvious - the second option is easier. However, what will be more effective for humans and have more far-reaching consequences? Judge for yourself!

  Therefore, in my opinion, the task of a teacher in today's society is to guide the student in the great flow of information, and to be with him when he makes his "first steps of self-education", which will last throughout his life.

  Things like Google, Wikipedia and YouTube will not surprise anyone now. But in order to use them competently and properly, you need a good mentor. It is good that there is no monopoly on the Internet. But remember that many of the articles you come across are written by "non-specialists" and carry a fairly small professional workload.

  Unfortunately, this can lead to the education of a whole generation of "self-confident amateurs". (Dilettante - from the Latin "delecto" - "enjoy, delight, amuse" - engaging in any activity, such as science - without proper knowledge and training.)

  That is why education today needs to be more closely linked to practice than ever before. The teacher should not tie the student to a school textbook, forbidding the use of open Internet resources… Rather, His task is to become a kind of "virtual mentor" who guides the student in the right direction, helps develop analytical thinking and shows how to distinguish reliable information from pseudoscience.

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  My name is Shaban Roman Petrovich. After graduating from Drohobych State Pedagogical University in 2013, I decided not to stop there, but to continue self-education.  And he realized that even traditional educational fields can be taught in a completely new way, and typical curricula must be adapted, first of all, to the requirements of today. After graduation, young people must first learn to adapt and work (or run a business) in today's information society.  

  Competence is not just knowledge. This is a kind of "dynamic combination" of knowledge, practical skills and qualities - necessary for further "socialization" of the student.

  That's why I decided to start developing the Integrated Course "Global Education of the XXI Century".

 The 21st Century Global Education Integrated Course is a unique combination of educational services for tomorrow. And interdisciplinary  XXI century skills


  You want to get not just theoretical knowledge from traditional fields of education - but  to learn to adapt and do business in today's information society?

  Then "The newest center of educational technologies" is exactly what you are looking for!

  Recent History (XX-XXI centuries), Media Literacy, Theory of Post-Industrial and Information Society, Social and Economic Geography of the World, General Theory of Startups, Big Data and much more - all this in our integrated course.

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