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 My name is Shaban Roman Petrovich. I am the author of the integrated course "Global Education XXI" and the New Center for Educational Technologies "Step."

  My view is that education should be practical, and - in the shortest possible time, should help a person become a useful member of the community in which he lives; and teach it to perform  socially useful activities.

  Therefore, well-thought-out short-term courses, in my opinion, have an advantage over many years of study at traditional universities. Of course, after graduating from university, a person gains a lot of knowledge. But, unfortunately, many of them end up being overly theoretical and fruitless in today's rapidly changing world.

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About me

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  After graduating from the historical faculty of Drohobych State Pedagogical University in 2013, I decided not to stop there, but to continue self-education.  And he realized that even traditional educational fields can be taught in a completely new way, and typical curricula must be adapted, first of all, to the requirements of today. After graduation, young people must first learn to adapt and work (or run a business) in today's information society.  

  (In addition, learning should be interesting. Today's level of science and technology allows not only to "meet" via Skype or zoom. But also to use, during the broadcast - technology "virtual tours", google maps, as well as many bright videos and illustrations).

  Competence is not just knowledge. This is a kind of "dynamic combination" of knowledge, practical skills and qualities - necessary for further "socialization" of the student.

  That's why I decided to start developing the Integrated Course "Global Education of the XXI Century".



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