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Global failure and recovery

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 Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Global failure   and  restoration of services. 
  October 4, 2021 

Were you a little nervous when access to your favorite social media stopped yesterday? Apparently so.

  After all, things like Facebook and Instagram are not just messengers with which we keep in touch with friends and family. But, these are also our "photo albums", "business cards" and "whole directories" about us as a person or about our business.  

  Therefore, to lose all this in one moment, agree - is not something pleasant ... If it were not there, on the night of October 4-5, the work of social networks resumed.

  However, many have open questions. What happened yesterday - October 4?

  I invite you to read a short study on this topic on the website Edupro.Expert .

October 5, 2021

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