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Art products for elite interiors

Art products for elite interiors

 Hello. My name is Roman Shaban.
  I am the author of the
"Your Tour in History" community.



Art products for elite interiors

 I want to present to your attention a Ukrainian artist - my old friend - Myron.

Artist. Sculptor. We make to order art products

 If you are an art connoisseur, you have already seen many works of art, and you are probably not so easy to surprise with the exquisite work of the master.

 However, even if we talk about experienced lovers of decorative art, I want to say that Mr. Myron's works are worth seeing.

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 IN his works combines a deep artistic idea, and beauty and a high level of skill.

 Why do I think this is important today?

 Most experts and critics come to the common conclusion that the purpose of contemporary art is not the desire to create a perfect work or convey a certain idea ... - The main goal is self-expression.

 In popular art, in particular, "conceptualism" dominates. Its main principle is not to focus on the subject of art, but to create a new meaning and a new idea, so aesthetics are usually neglected by these authors. That is why for conceptualists, art can be literally anything - a urinal, a table or even an empty wall.

 The desire to do absolutely everything in art suggests that by giving meaning to meaningless things, artists simply want to look more refined.

 And what do you think? Should 21st century art be "shocking", disgusting; or on the contrary to form in us a feeling of beauty and lift the mood?

 If you want to learn more, or buy one of Myron Shaban's products - you can do so by clicking here , or in the picture below.

 (PS: By the way, Mr. Myron and I are not relatives. Just namesakes)

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