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 If you want to financially support this project , you can do it in several ways. Please choose the one that suits you.

Bills and Coins

  1) You can do this using the "reverse form of transfer" . By clicking the "Support" button , you will be on the recipient's bank page. In this case, you do not need to enter my bank card number. (He is "already there") .

  You need to enter the data related to your card + the amount of the transfer


  Clicking the "Support" button will open the tab shown in the illustration.  

  My bank card number will already be entered on it (in picture it is number 2)

  Number 1 is an empty field. These are the details of your card.

  a) Your card number is 16 digits on the title page of the card

  b) Validity - 4 digits under the card number, written through a slash - /. For example 02/22 (which means  month and year to which the card is valid)  

  c) CVV code - 3 digits on the back of the card - at the end of the gray bar (under the black bar) .


  Number 3 - the illustration shows the amount of the transfer. It is important that you specify it manually. (Exactly as much as you want to forward)

  Also in the tab there is a suggestion - "add a comment" - where you can write the purpose of payment. (For example, for a specific e-book you read)

  PS: The tab through which you send funds is the Privat 24 Service. This service is the official representative of Privatbank and protects its customers with "end-to-end encryption" . This means that you cannot see my CVV code (although you can see the card number); and I do not see your CVV-code, which you enter on the page of Privatbank (although I see who sent me the money). Your data and transfer are served by the "program".

  So you can not worry.

Bills and Coins


  2) You can send funds - by scanning this QR-code - using the Privat 24 program, and transfer the funds to a bank card, which will open. 



  To do this, you need in the application Privat 24, click on the "camera lens" at the bottom middle, pointing the camera at the QR-code, which is on the computer screen. (As shown in the illustration). It is important to take a photo from Privat 24, and not just separately from the camera.

Bills and Coins

  Also, you can enter the details manually.

If you use a Ukrainian privatbank, you need to enter the following numbers (or copy) -  




  This is my Privatbank bank card number.


  If you use the services of another bank, or live in another country, you may need to enter my IBAN (international account number) -


or corporate account FOP


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