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  The Center for the Study of the Ancient Peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean is, first of all, an attempt, with the help of scientific methods, to comprehend the real and little-known past of those peoples whose existence has fundamentally influenced human history; in a way much greater than is attributed to them in many textbooks.


  In my opinion, excessive emphasis on the history of Greece or the Roman Empire, and ignoring the comprehensive study of such peoples,  like ancient Israel, the Philistines, Syria, or Phenicia, leads to "historical distortion" and "politicization of history." After all, the "promotion" of Greco-Roman civilization in the "TOP educational topics", it is essentially  the same  - the concept of "Eurocentrism", which, in my opinion, is not so much a scientific as a "political phenomenon" and a form of ideology in educational programs.



  Therefore, the Center for the Study of Ancient Peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean is also an attempt to "abstract" from politics and modern world history.

  And with a simple presentation and vivid illustrations and videos - the goal is to create the impression of watching feature films or video presentations. Where no one gives you ready-made conclusions.

  This educational portal is built so that you can take for yourself, these or those, lessons, or, interesting conclusions - from the submitted material.

  "Center for the Study of Ancient Peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean" is a structural unit of the project "Edupro.Expert" and a partner of the "Latest Center for Educational Technologies Step". 

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  Regardless of personal beliefs, each of us has heard of Jesus of Nazareth.

  Even the calendars of many peoples of the world keep chronologies from the date of birth of this man.

  And what was the world like in the time of Jesus Christ? What nations surrounded ancient Israel? And also - as people who lived far beyond the Middle East thought.  

  All this, and more, will be discussed in 95 pages. book on the topic - "The world in the time of Jesus of Nazareth"


 In order to read the e-book in full, as well as to see the full video presentation - you need to read the rules of use of the website and register.

  In Russian

  625 BC Two hostile armies met near the ancient city of Carchemish, located between the Euphrates and the Mediterranean.

  Today, the ruins of Carchemish are a silent witness to the great defeat of one state and the victory of another.
But in the context of what was this war going on?
I invite you to find the answer to this question - by researching the brochure "Babylon takes the baton"

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