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Code of conduct


  Welcome to the Edupro.Expert community. By registering on our site you discover many opportunities.

  This includes meeting interesting people, and the opportunity to share your ideas with others, and access to private video presentations and electronic publications.  

  The list of other users, along with their avatars and brief information about themselves, is open to new registered members. This way, you have the opportunity to read their public comments and subscribe to people you care about.

  Therefore, it is safe to say that Edupro.Ex pert is not only a learning platform for self-education ... But, first of all, it is an open friendly COMMUNITY united by similar interests.

  Given this, it will not be superfluous to establish some general rules of conduct and etiquette .

  1) Each participant of the site - must treat others with due respect. Remember that we are all different - we come from different territories and have different views. In addition, there may be children among the participants !!

  Everyone must proceed from the assumption of the good motives of others, and start from the "presumption of innocence" (in all cases where the opposite is not proven).  

  2) When expressing our views or posting comments, we should do so constructively and politely to improve our community. We should not be sarcastic or focus on shortcomings. It is better to show a way out of a situation and share interesting ideas.

  3) By registering on the site, you not only show that you are familiar with the privacy policy and terms of use; but you also agree to use any information about our community as a whole, and about each member in particular, - only in a lawful manner.

  4) Give more to the group than you can use. Spam or self-promotion is strictly prohibited in our group (without the consent of the administration)

  5) Take an active part in the life of the community. Feel free to invite your friends to join us. In addition, the reputation of the site and whether our community will become international depends on your comments and feedback.

  Also, we welcome the exchange of professional experience and original ideas (regardless of education).

  6) If you are a certified scientist, lecturer or just an independent researcher who is recognized by the scientific community; - you can fill in the "Partnership Statement".

  (Currently, such a partnership - does not provide rewards for money, and is rather a kind of professional "volunteering").

   If your candidacy suits us, you will receive an email with more detailed information.

  By becoming an official partner of Edupro.Expert - you will receive a number of special powers. - From a badge with a special sign and the ability to publish author's articles .. And, to the opportunity to become, in the future - a full-fledged moderator of the site.


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